20 Essential CSS Properties You should Know

At first it might be bit overwhelming to navigate your way towards learning CSS but it is the de facto way to give styling to your website. There are more than 1000 CSS properties but here are few that will give your website the facelift it deserves.

Here are few that everybody should know and how to use them property.


.body-font{ font-size: }


display: block

  • Block display takes up the whole width by default
  • They cannot be placed on the same horizontal line with any other display modes
.div-block {
  display: block;

display: inline

The inline mode wraps many HTML elements tight around them and is the defaults for all elements that are not specified with any other display values. Elements can be placed side by side on the same line as inline elements

.div-inline {
  display: inline;


  color: #hexValue;