Tomcat setup in Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

No doubt Eclipse is one of the best IDE available in the market, and it has it’s rich plugin repository to integrate additional features. This note will provide simple and straightforward procedure to install Tomcat Server and integrate Tomcat to Eclipse.

1. Install Java

Java can be downloaded from

Download Java SDK

2. Install Plugins to support Tomcat Application

Help > Install New Software > J2EE

or you can install Web Tools Platform (WTP) from the following address

3. Download Tomcat

4. Add Tomcat Server in Eclipse

Under Servers Tab, Add Server and subsequently add Tomcat Run-time Environment and point to Tomcat installation directory

5. Copy ROOT folder to Eclipse Workspace

Go to C:\tomcat\webapps Copy the ROOT folder and copy to Eclipse workspace > .plugins > org.eclipse.wst.server.core > tmp0 > wtpwebapps

6. Test Tomcat

Use your web browser to see if TomCat has been properly installed or not. Default Port Address of Tomcat is 8080 and default domainname is localhost. So if you type http://localhost:8080/ on your address bar, it should give you a welcome message from TomCat. And you have your successful Tomcat Installation.