Installing Python Packages

You know Python’s great. It gets the job done in less amount of time but the rich community and packages available for Python makes the Python even better.

You can download the zip file and install using default python setup install but finding the right package can be hassle most of time hence I would like to give a walkthrough on some of the package management tools for Python.

1. Install Setup Tools

For Windows System,

Install the exe for the SetupTools which can be download from

or for Debian System use,

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev

Within the setuptools, you can use EasyInstall which lets you automatically download, build, install and manage Python Packages.

2. Install Pip](

Pip is a another tool for installing and managing Python packages. It’s better than EasyInstall

sudo easy_install pip

Not you can use pip to install various packages sudo pip install <package name>