TMUX - The Terminal Multiplexer

TMUX - The Terminal Multiplexer

The Bruce Lee of all the Terminals

In the world environment of multi-tasking, when only two screens is not enough to satisfy your productivity dream, TMUX comes in action. You can have multiple terminal, split panels, create keymaps on various actions and do everything a ninja can do to a terminal.

Session Management

Sessions are important concept for the TMUX.

tmux new -s session_name
tmux attach -t session_name
tmux switch -t session_name
tmux list-sessions
tmux detach (prefix + d)

It’s been almost a week since I have TMUX a try, and I must say it’s a great tool for the artisans. Here are few of shortcuts you might have to feed in before you start getting fluient to.

Windows: (Tabbed Interface)
<Ctrl + b> c = Create a New Window [tmux new-window]
<Ctrl + b> b = Kill Current Pane
<Ctrl + b> , = Rename a Window

<Ctrl + b> ! = Break Current Pane into new Window
<Ctrl + b> % = Split Page (Vertically)
<Ctrl + b> " = Split Page (Horizontally)
<Ctrl + b> {UP,Down,Left,Right} = Switching to different Panes
<Ctrl + b> l = Switch to last <strong>window
<Ctrl</strong> + b> n = Switch to next <strong>window
<Ctrl</strong> + b> <Space> = Switch pane formation
<Ctrl + b> :resize_pane -U <size>
<Ctrl + b> :resize_pane -D <size>
<Ctrl + b> :resize_pane -L <size>
<Ctrl + b> :resize_pane -R <size>