Atom IDE and Plugins

For Web Development, Atom Text editor has been my go-to editor. There are many similarities between Sublime and Atom, but on regards it’s hackability, Atom has some lead. There are lots of features that comes within Atom for which you would need to install Plugins via Sublime. Nevertheless both editors are great.

Going through the challenge of using Atom for all my web projects, here are few of my must have plugins that for Atom which I would like to share which I believe would be of great help for any developers.

  • atom-beautify This is a nice little plugin, which does more than just code indentation. This plugin helps in readability of the code in various language. Shortcut - Cmd + Option + b

  • emmet Primary reason for using emmet was for my need for Zen Coding Style Shortcut - Cmd + Shift + e

  • file-icons It is always nice to visualize the type of file rather than to read the extension.

  • highlight-selected Moving from Sublime to Atom, this feature was something I couldn’t live without.

  • linter Base Linter

  • linter-jscs Linter specific for JavaScript

  • minimap MiniMap to Visualize your code